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Here’s a gift from me to you: a fanfiction masterlist, organized by fandom. Fandoms included so far: 00Q/James Bond, Avengers, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Merlin, Sherlock (BBC), Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and True Blood. I will update the list as often as I can. Links are to the original story and also to my review of it on The Collective blog: 

Update: For a more comprehensive masterlist click here. Click here for SPN fanfiction


dawn by kiyala. James Bond/Q. Read my review here

Slanted Light by Sarah_Ellie. My fav Bond/Q fic ever. Read my review here.

The Avengers

Dear Natasha by javct. Clintasha. Read my review here

Midgardian Smut by LulaMadison. This one will kill you with laughter. Read my review here.

Some Things Shouldn’t Be a Chore by scifigrl47.  Part one in the Toasterverse. (really, you should read everything in this ‘verse.) Read my review here

Doctor Who

A Walk in Eternity by RoxieFlash. Ten x Rose. WIP. Read my review here

Another Taste of Heavenly Rush by Del (goddessdel). Eleven x River Song.

Terminal Decay by Unslinky. A HUGE DW fic. Sails almost every ship ever. Read my review here

Cloisters by wildwinterwitch. My fav Ten x Rose fic. Read my review here

Harry Potter

The Lip Lock Jinx by Cassis Luna. Draco/Harry. Read my review here

To Leave this World by kitcat234. HermionexGeorge. Read my review here

Turn by Sara’s Girl. My favorite Draco/Harry fic. Read my review here


The Student Prince by FayJay. The King of Merthur fanfiction. Read my review here

Tributes by TheAvalonian. A Merlin/The Hunger Games crossover. Read my review here. 

All Bets Are Off by Magnolia882. Merthur NC-17.

Sherlock (BBC)

34 Minutes by bendingsignpost. 

Alone on the Water by Mad Lori. This one is a must for every Johnlock shipper. Read my review here

An Avalanche of Detour Signs by gyzym. Greg Lestrade/Molly Hooper. Read my review here

A Cure for Boredom by emmagrant01. This one needs no introduction. 

Hanging on the Telephone... by sherlocklives. PWP

The Heart on Your Sleeve by flawedamythyst

I Prefer to Text by ellie.hell. This is one of my absolute favs. 

Performance in a Leading Role by Mad Lori. The ultimate Johnlock AU. Read my review here

The Pull of One Magnet to Another by ellie.hell. I think I’ve read everything by this author. Another fantastic work. 

The Quiet Man by ivyblossom. One of my absolute favs. Read my review here

Seven Moons by ladyflowdi. WIP. Omegaverse. Worth the read. 

Waking You Up by brbsoulnomming.

The Whore of Babylon is a Very Nice Girl by out_there

With All My Heart by Quinn Anderson. JohnlockSo much awwwwww. Read my review here

The Linguistic Propensities of Sherlock Holmes by dcfg21. Sexy sexy Johnlock. 


The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester by EverySecondTuesday. Destiel. Read my review here

The Soul Piece by CloudyJenn. It kills me that this one is WIP, but it’s so worth the read. Read my review here

When Charlie Met Cas by riseofthefallenone. Destiel. 

God Ships Destiel by mtothedestiel. 

A Hole in the World by AnnelieseMichel. Destiel. Omegaverse. WIP.

How a Righteous Man Raises a Rose by swordofmymouth. Destiel super-angst.

Lakota Falls by AnneHiggins. Destiel creature!fic. 

The Mirror by Cloudyjenn. 

Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake by sparseparsley. THE Destiel RomCom AU. 

This is Not Convenient by Cloudyjenn. Just read everything be cloudyjenn. It’s worth it. 

The Curse of a Hundred Loves by cymbalism219. Destiel super-smut.

This Thing Called Free Will by tracy_loo_who. 

I Like You (Like Me) by Carmexgirl. Destiel Coffeshop AU. 

How to Take Care of Angels and Little Animals by remivel. Destiel. 

My Eyes Are an Ocean by entangled_now. Destiel. Read my review here

All Things Shining by Askance, standbyme. Love, love, love this one. Read my review here

Are You There, Dean Winchester? It’s Me…God. by Bunnymacool. Destiel. Read my review here.

Be My Savior by jessebee. Sabriel. 

It Started With a Tree by nerdylittledude. Destiel Christmas fic. Read my review here

Like Blood, Like Honey by fightthosefairies. Destiel NC-17. Read my review here

Good Things Lost. Destiel. WIP.

A Present for an AngelMy co-blogger wrote this for me for Christmas. Read and give her some love. Destiel Christmas fluff. 

Try Something Tuesday by almaasi. Fluffy Destiel. 

Teen Wolf

Crash Landers by gyzym. Sterek! Fluffy and beautiful. Read my review here

True Blood

Just a Little Heat by makesmyheadspin & Scribeninja. Sookie Stackhouse x Eric Northman. Read my review here

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